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You Schedule. They Order. They Pay. We Deliver.

That's it. 

No picking meals. No need to pay for everyone. You don't even have to call it in.


Scroll to learn more or click here to schedule.

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You Schedule

Submit our simple Scheduler form with basic information like preferred date, organization name, and delivery address. There is no required cost to schedule. 

Want to treat your group, but short on funds? We have optional advanced organizer features that allow you to cost-share with your participants (payment required). 


They Order

We'll send you an order form based on your Scheduler submission by email. You'll forward it to all participants and they'll use it to create their own choices on their own time. You don't handle any order papers or need to submit anything to us. Click here to view the demo form.

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They Pay

Once they submit the order forms, they'll automatically be given a unique checkout link for their order. If they forget to pay, they'll receive an automatic reminder after 24-hours. You don't collect or handle any payments.


We Deliver

We'll deliver (or you'll pickup) at the scheduled time. 

That's it. 

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Not convinced? Get paid to try w/ $25 Amazon cash.

Got it? Let's get started. 

More questions? Scroll past this section.

*$25 Amazon Cash terms. Limit one per organization. Delivered as e-gift card by email to organizer email address entered on the Scheduler form 24-48 hours after a completed event. Limited time promotional offer, may be stopped at any time.  

What does pilot phase mean?
We are testing multiple features, pricing strategies, options, and layouts to gauge organizer and participant response. You may receive a different form than others during the pilot testing phase and scheduling during this phase implies acceptance of that possibilities. Foodrunner was built from feedback we received from catering and is a part of our continued strategy to eliminate consumers from using third-party marketplaces - we welcome your feedback as we determine to make it a permanent service or not. 

Do I have to use Foodrunner for catering? No, Foodrunner is batch delivery option that operates independently of our traditional catering. It is meant to bridge the gap in organizations that do not want to pay for large catering events but still want to offer meal days while also offering participants the option for personalized meals at a lower cost than third-party marketplaces like Doordash, Grubhub, and UberEats. If you prefer to pay for the entirety of the event,
have buffet options, or have preset boxed meal options you will need to use our regular catering service. Pricing and options may be different between it and Foodrunner. 

What is the cost? Foodrunner as a service is free to schedule. Cost-sharing is optional, but does requires upfront payment with your Scheduler form submission.

What are the meal prices? Unless otherwise specified, menu prices for participants are set to our regular menu pricing for delivery and pickup (which are different, pickup being lower by 5-10% on most items), except for Meat n' Two which is set to our catering pricing. Upgrades and optional extras will vary in price. For delivery, participants pay a $1 delivery fee and $1 service fee. Participants will also be given the option to include gratuity. With optional cost-sharing, you can eliminate fees and/or reduce your participants meal prices to flat rates for a budget-friendly, but widely appealing, catering event. 

Why do I have to schedule? At this time, same-day, on-demand service is not available as Foodrunner is meant to be a batch order service - not small group order service. For same day service, you may use the delivery link on our website. The Scheduler form will direct you to the current required pre-schedule window for Foodrunner service. 

How is payment handled? Participants use an order form to create their orders. At submission, their choices will generate a unique payment link that is hosted and processed by widely-recognized industry names like PayPal, Venmo, or Square. Payment must be completed prior to the form's cut-off time for the order to be included at delivery. Payment information is not submitted to nor saved by the order form itself. Cash and checks are not accepted as it is meant to be a seamless experience for organizers.

How long do participants have to order? The order form will automatically cut off at 8pm the night prior to delivery. This information will be clearly posted on the landing page of the form for participants. You may send a reminder to order, but we do not except for subscribers. Participants who do not submit an order form OR do not submit payment for an order form will not receive an order. Payment is a separate step than submitting an order and must be completed prior to the cutoff time. If no payment is submitted within 24-hours, participants will receive an automatic reminder. 

How do participants make change or cancellations?
 They will need to contact us directly. We cannot guarantee changes or cancellations after the cut-off time has passed. 

I have more questions. Contact us at  


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