Same-Day Delivery

Same-Day Delivery

Fulfilled by third-party delivery. Warning: third-party drivesr are empowered to refuse deliveries based on gratuity. Zero gratuity will delay delivery driver assignment and there is nothing we can do in-store to expedite the process. We will not be held responsible for delays as a result of poor (<20%) driver gratuity. 


LOYALTY rewards

Do a lot of catering? CaterME is built for you. 

10% rewards just for ordering

tipBACK bonus rewards for driver gratuity

Business & Organization Accounts Only

next day & preorder 

Greensboro & Mebane radius included.

10% rewards (with caterME account)

Buffet & Individual Box Options

Ghost Kitchen Brands Included

same-day delivery

~5 mi radius limit; everyday menu only

Not eligible for caterME rewards. 

Fulfilled by third-party delivery*

*Warning: 3rd party delivery drivers see tip prior to acceptance and can refuse orders based on gratuity; substandard gratuity will therefore delay delivery. We will not be held responsible for delivery delays as a result of subpar tipping as we have no control over the driver assignment process. If gratuity is an issue, we recommend selecting pickup.

Red and Blue Fourth of July Greeting Fac
Red and Blue Fourth of July Greeting Fac


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