Same-Day Delivery

Same-Day Delivery

Fulfilled by third-party delivery. Warning: third-party drivesr are empowered to refuse deliveries based on gratuity. Zero gratuity will delay delivery driver assignment and there is nothing we can do in-store to expedite the process. We will not be held responsible for delays as a result of poor (<20%) driver gratuity. 


LOYALTY rewards

Do a lot of catering? CaterME is built for you. 

10% rewards just for ordering

tipBACK bonus rewards for driver gratuity

Business & Organization Accounts Only

next day & preorder 

Greensboro & Mebane radius included.

10% Amazon rewards (only w/ caterME)

Buffet & Individual Box Options

Ghost Kitchen Brands Included

same-day delivery

~5 mi radius limit; everyday menu only

Not eligible for caterME rewards. 

Fulfilled by third-party delivery*

Red and Blue Fourth of July Greeting Fac
Red and Blue Fourth of July Greeting Fac


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