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4-hour fulfillment is available. Limited menu options and range apply. Higher pricing and third party delivery also apply. 


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Effective 9/1/2021 all catering orders will be subject to a 5% service fee. We struggled with this decision and regret mandating a service fee, but current labor conditions and poor driver gratuity on most catering orders (average tip rate for 2021 is just 6% - with almost all orders being $0 and a few being very generously over 20%) have made us struggle to maintain delivery services. We thank everyone who regularly order and tip our drivers. Your appreciation goes a long way to keeping employees motivated during a time of chronic understaffing across all hospitality industries. As the majority do not tip, our management, and retired family of management, currently deliver almost all orders as we cannot ask our drivers, who use their own vehicles and time, to continue to take orders in up to 50-mile round trips for not even a $5 tip. We also cannot increase driver base pay to equitable levels and maintain competitive product pricing simultaneously while wholesale food prices are up more than 30% - and rising. Thus a service fee is our only option to ensure our drivers are properly and equitably paid to ensure we can continue to offer delivery services. If gratuities do not improve, this fee will increase to 10% on January 1.