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Catering Terms, Conditions, & FAQ​

  • ADVANCE ORDERING. A 24-hour notice is required for "Bargain Basement" headers, and 48-hour notice is required for "Southern Spread" and "Burger Bar" headers. 72-hour notice is always preferred to ensure proper supply procurement and staffing, especially for orders to serve 50+. As a small kitchen, we are limited in output we can realistically provide. Therefore, we may have certain dates/times unavailable based on dine-in reservations and/or other catering obligations. We also may be unable to accept exceptionally large orders if we do not confidently believe we can serve your size needs with the confines of our small kitchen. DO NOT LEAVE ORDERS ON VOICEMAIL. YOU MUST SPEAK WITH SOMEONE TO CONFIRM. 

  • ORDER CANCELLATION. Requires 48-hour notice or we may no longer accept catering orders from you as extra staff will be scheduled and extra product procured that will go to waste as a sunk cost for the business. Inclement weather or other acts-of-God as cancellation reasons are excluded from this policy. 

  • PICKUP. All offering headers are priced for pickup, not delivery. A pickup time must  be given at order and cannot be changed without 24-hour notice. Catering order preparation is scheduled around our normal operations in a small kitchen and therefore will not be ready early. Additions to orders may also not be possible after 24-hour notice window for the same reason of scheduling preparation. 

  • PAYMENT. Payment is expected at the time of pickup or delivery. Cash, check, or all four major credit/debit providers are accepted. Remote credit/debit payment via invoicing is also available. Returned checks will face maximum legal fee for inconvenience and will exclude checks as an option for future orders. No discount coupons, except those explicitly listed as for catering, will be accepted for orders. 

  • PACKAGING. Almost all items are packaged in disposable half-size steam table pans which are estimated to serve 15. Other items are packaged by unit count (ie, 15 cornbread muffins, 15 chopped steak patties, etc.). Salads include one 16 oz. bowl of dressing. Burger Bar hot items are packaged in third-size steam table size pans. Bargain Basement Boxed is packaged in individual takeout boxes. Packaging is key to pricing structure; requests to change will incur additional charges.  If you feel your group will prefer heavy portions, it is your responsibly to order additional pans of desired items as necessary from the upgrade section as this Terms section explicitly details all packaging sizes and estimates. 

  • DELIVERY UPGRADE. Fee is calculated based on order size and distance. Minimum fee is $10. Unfortunately, without a dedicated delivery vehicle we may be unable to deliver large orders or multiple orders at similar times. We do not provide serving tables for our items to sit upon. 

  • GUESTWARE. By request only and defined as: plate, napkin/utensil pack, and cup (if beverage is added). Additional items are subject to upcharge. 

  • SERVINGWARE. By request only and defined as: single spoon, tong, or spatula for each unique menu item. 

  • SETUP ESSENTIALS. Defined as: disposable chafer(s), warming fuel, and steam pans. The number needed will be determined by your event size and a cost will be calculated. Due to their cost, we cannot include these items in our exceptionally-low pricing, they will always be upcharged.

  • LOYALTY REWARDS. First time: small banana pudding per 15. Monthly. 1 gallon sweet tea and small banana pudding per 15. Weekly. 1 gallon sweet tea, small banana pudding, and small chocolate cake per 15. 

  • LOYALTY REWARDS QUALIFICATION.  Invoicing required with single responsible party contact and email address for validation of loyalty promotion. invoicing is used to track your order history. No invoice tracking; no loyalty reward. "First time" order defined as the first time any party orders, within the qualification requirements, from the catering menu. Customers who placed catering orders prior to the existence of this catering menu still qualify as "first time" means the first time from this menu.  "Monthly" defined as one order per calendar month. "Weekly" defined as one order per calendar week for two consecutive weeks (reward will be applied on the third week and every consecutive week after). Skipped intervals will negate reward until condition is met again. Example: after placing an order in January, a February order qualifies for the "monthly" reward, but reward expires on March 1 if no February order is placed. No grace period is offered with the exception of inclement weather or equipment failure impacting our availability to fulfill orders. Rewards do not stack: Weekly reward supersedes Monthly reward. Redemption of Weekly reward(s) in a calendar month negate the ability to redeem a Monthly reward the following month. Example: four consecutive weeks of orders in a calendar month yields two weekly rewards, a single order the following month at any time does not yield a Monthly reward. The monthly reward would follow that single month order on the next following month. Loyalty reward products and timeframes may be changed or discontinued at any time.

  • LOYALTY REWARD PACKAGING. Free Banana Pudding: one small pan size per 15; Free Tea: 1 gal. per 15; Free Chocolate Cake: one small pan size per 15. 

  • WEDDINGS. We are happy to cater weddings. However, you expectations must be aligned with the low-cost price structure of our offerings. We do not offer elaborate decorative displays, ornate chafer pans, or server-based on-site catering as are commonly, and understandably, expected with wedding catering. If you desire these options, we suggest using a high-cost, high-service vendor. As such, refunds and adjustments will not be offered for expectations which exceed what can clearly be found in these terms and conditions. 
  • ADDITIONAL POLICIES. If you have a question, concern, or special request that is not addressed here, PLEASE ASK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so a resolution may be reached which suits all parties. Waiting until less than 24-hours before your event may negate our ability to comply with your requests.